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Rejected YouTuber Rank/Title

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Hello, I am a youtuber and I recorded a video of towny on AzertuMC. (At time of this post not uploaded). I asked an admin if the server had anything for YouTubers like a tag or a rank. He said no. I am suggesting you guys add one. If you guys add one, I will 100% play the server A lot more than I currently do. The Title would be something that would stand out in chat, so youtubers wouldn't have to advertise their channel in chat. -Thanks for Reading.

P.S. I am recording a lot of videos before school starts back, so I can upload if I get hit in homework, so the video of AzertuMC is in that folder.

Another suggestion if you don't want to have a full rank/title in game, is to have a role stand out in the discord with no special perks that is called YouTuber. Just a thought.

Channel: Elijahandskip Gaming
Discord: Elijahandskip#9412


Staff member
As of right now, we do not have a partner program and we have no plans for this either.

Therefore we will not add a "YouTuber" rank or similar at this point in time.
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