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Do you want to be able to download the current world when the server resets?

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With news of the server reset many are excited to play in 1.15, myself included. There will be new items, redstone mechanics, gameplay features and eventually the reset could lead to updating the nether when 1.16 rolls out and who knows what then!

A whole new world of possibility opens up with this change, but we leave behind the world we have built together over the past few years.

Many of the great towns of Azertu are at risk of being lost to the digital landfill! Zaire was created May 5th of 2018 and boasts over 536 chunks of land. Paris was created November 3rd of 2018 and boasts over 1250+ chunks of land! FishBurrow was created October 26th 2018 and boasts 794 chunks, all filled with beautiful buildings and history just like every other town on Azertu. Those are the top 3 towns on /t list and are coming to be 2 years old soon, which isn't to mention all of your towns too. Hours upon hours of work, memories and late nights. Maybe you came to play after school or after a long day at work- but you built these places with your strained eyes and your enthusiasm for what makes this server great.
Epicville, Driftveil, Westwood, Allanon, OwO, Legend, Harbor, Evermine and more. Every one of these towns will be gone in a few months and all of our hard work (and memories) with them.

I propose that SirKillian puts up the AzertuMC world for download, whether from Dropbox or Google Docs or Mediafire or anywhere else. I know I'd like to be able to walk down memory lane and see my town for inspiration and I'm sure all of you would like that too. If I am right then please voice your concerns down below. Whether you agree or not make sure to answer the poll!


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It would be a shame to loose all of those memories, i do hope that we can download the world!
After thinking more about it I have changed my vote to no. Reasoning is that seeing the filesize in the 2 year anni post, plus reading about Schemetica. You can copy your own builds with schemetica and rebuild them once the server resets. I'm pretty sure that that is the reason why people want to have the world safe (that was my own initial thought as well. So we could rebuild our towns).

So what I would like to request is, if the date of reset will be announced, there will be a reasonable timeframe to allow people to get schemetica and download their own town to rebuild later.
Voted no because yeah it's sad that all those hours of work are gone BUT it just feels wrong to preserve everything, let's face it how often are you going to go onto that world and run around looking at builds probably not that often it's just seems pointless to me.