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Won't be online for some time

Hi folks.

My Minecraft account has been stolen (apparently you can change a user's password and email without even notifying the original email), I thought I had a pretty complicated password, but apparently not. I've contacted Mojang Support, and hopefully they will resolve the issue quickly (yet it looks like they will take a while), but I will nonetheless not be online before it is resolved.

If anyone is asking about my absence, now you know :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas :)

- Chrras


Staff member
Im sorry pal! I hope it is resolved soon, you were on track to win the /votetop. :C
Yeah, I was 5 votes ahead. I keep on voting, but I won't win without being online :/
Sorry to hear mate. If someone asks, we'll pass along the news. I hope the issue is resolved quickly! If you need anything like town bank balance or your balance, you can give me a shout on Discord or on here :D
Oof. Glad to see you're back! You're still sitting on baltop with around 9-10mil I believe :D
Thanks! I'm glad to be back, although 2 of the 3 weeks I wasn't here was my holiday (where I had planned to play a lot), so this have been really painful - and now I'm back to uni again :p