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Which Jobs should I get when I get Earl Rank

Which Job Should I get?

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I having hard time selecting.
My Current Jobs are Miner and Builder
Cook is a pretty consistent job, which makes it nice, though it does take time to level up.
Lumberjack can be very efficient if you have a Tree Farm. /speed is extremely nice when you are Level 75. Same with Farmer which it may be easier to farm since ./t spawn Farm is there for ya.
Blacksmith is a job that you'd want to dump a good amount of money into, millions most likely. If you do choose to go to blacksmith, I would start saving up all your ores now. From previous experience, I went from level 0 to around 40 smelting only 15 dubs if iron and like a dub or two of gold.

Hope this helps your decision! :D


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I would suggest cook or blacksmith! Cook makes a decent amount of money once leveled. And like Snow said, Blacksmith is expensive to level up, but it would pair nicely with Miner. Blacksmith also makes a good amount of money when leveled up :)
Cooks nice if you have someone to fill your furnaces for you(Pepehands). But it requires you to be near your furnaces(Or someone else) so its not amazing for miner. But yeah, blacksmith it good if you're already a high level miner :D!