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Solved Votes not registering on server

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I voted 4 times today (1 of my votes is on a different timer) on my phone and when I logged onto the server the chat said I only voted 3 times. I went to the crates to double check and I did only have 3 crates despite me voting 4 times. I have the screenshots but the files are too big for the website. Upon request I can send them.
One of the sites, TopG, is very strict with the time on voting. It tracks the last time you voted by the millisecond. So if you voted at 10:37:43 am, then next time you vote if it's not at or after the 43 milliseconds, the site will just do the loading screen with the orange blob. I usually set alarms to avoid this and l have my laptop display the milliseconds with the clock. Hope this helped!
I voted an hour later than I did yesterday, and the all 4 sites said that my vote was registered but the server never registered it so I only got the 3 crates instead of the 4.


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One of the sites has a fairly slow process, therefore it sometimes does not register properly. Sadly this is something we can't control and is 100% on the voting sites end.
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