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So many cooks, artists and possibly blacksmith but probably not could really use something that automatically trashes things from hoppers. It would help so much. Not completely necessary, but if the time ever comes where it seems like a cool feature then this could be added :D.

Ideas of how it could work:
Anything that ever goes in is trashed(Although I feel like this might cause stress to the server)
Clear lag clears chests with a trash sign on them
When trash sign is clicked while it is on a chest, the contents of the chests are cleared
A button in the chest gui that clears everything in it.

Thanks for reading,
-Skull :D
or a command that works similar to the /unlock command maybe a /ctrash command where you punch a chest and it trashes its contents


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I'm sorry but we have decided not to add this suggestion


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A thing that you can do is to dispose potatoes into lava or just on the ground and wait for lag clear!!!