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Hello, my IGN is VisualShame and this introduction is long overdue since I have been playing on the server for almost 3 months now.


How old are you? : 14

Why is that your name? : I was creating an account on reddit and one of my old usernames was already being used so it recommended me 'VisualShame' which I thought was sort of funny, so it stuck. (The reddit account has been deleted)

Where are you from? : My mothers womb

When is your birthday? : 14th January

Any hobbies? : Anything but homework. Also drinking tea bcus I'm British

Introvert or Extrovert? : Introvert, I'm pretty shy which is why I refuse invites to discord voicechat often, my voice is kinda weird so I don't speak most of the time.

Other Info: I am black. I wear glasses even though I don't need them. I am quite troublesome, apologies for any trouble I've caused in chat recently.
And yeah, that's it.
I would say welcome, but you're a Ghoul and Earl, so I'd say you've been welcomed into the server before. But honestly, who cares, so Welcome!

(and also u've been on the server 3 months, didn't notice it until this edit)