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Viceroy/King Perk Suggestions


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Viceroy and King don't have perks, and I find it kind of ridiculous that after all this time, still nothing has been added. This is less of a suggestion for the perks for these ranks, but for something, just some perk to be added to them.
With that being said, here are a couple ideas I thought of. They may not be possible/in the style of the server, but just a couple ideas I thought would be cool. Also, feel free to suggest what you think a good perk would be for these on this thread.

1. Add a custom discord emoji (like the minecraft skin face) of the people who have gotten to the rank. Again, I'm not sure if this would be possible, but it would be pretty cool to have.

2. A custom command. On another server that I used to play on, they added commands for the well known players, and for some of the staff that had put a lot of work into the server. It would just be something like "/Collector" or "/ThyV" or whatever, that would just respond with a message (chosen by the player) to the player that ran the command.

3. I also wanted to bring up the perk of getting all the level 25 job perks again. In the last post I talked about this, everyone was saying it would be "super op", but I disagree. All the level 25 job perks are just convenient. They're easy to get, and they really don't do all that much. And by the time someone gets to Viceroy/King, they already have 3 jobs to (probably) at least level 50, which means they already have 3 of the perks. And since some of the jobs have the same level 25 perks, and some have perks that aren't that great (mcmmo bonus, especially considering by then, a player will already generally have most skills up to 1500+), that means that they would really only be getting one or 2 decent perks. Me, for example. I would be getting /disenchant (only useful in very very rare occasions), colored signs, auto replant which I already have via McMMo, several McMMo boosts which are almost useless to me, 100% silk rate on glowstone, again not very op, and /nv, which is easily obtainable with cat eyes/increased gamma.

Again, these might not be the best ideas for perks, I just wanted to start up the conversation to get these ranks perks in general, since quite a few people are actually reaching/getting close to reaching them. For some of the most expensive ranks on the server, it just seems kind of wrong for them to get nothing.
I still want 4th job to be king perk. I know its very unlikely but still. IDC
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