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i you need a town i'm glad to provide you with my lovely UnitedEstate. If you wish to tour my town just do ./t spawn UnitedEstate
Together we will become great. If your a new comer to my town and want a plot then leave a sign just out side of the town boarder. The Town has a discord but i'm currently working on it so that will be on the town msg board soon!
The Rules to my town are:
1. Don't be stupid. (the town doesn't need a bad reputation. If you are being inappropriate the you will be kicked from the town)
2. Don't grief the town or near by the town.
3. If i am unable to pay the keep up then someone need to assist. (I don't think this will ever happen)
4. I don't care if you are offline for a long time. (I been offline for Minecraft for 2 years once, so I Fully understand)
5. If you wish to donate stuff to the town do it in the donation center (Coming very Soon!).
6. I will personally give 1,000 moneys to newcomers to the server.(I will not pay you if you don't deserve it)(i will only give people who are new to the server a free gift of 1,000 and a diamond pickaxe.)
7. I recommend that you rank-up when possible.
8. If you get a wither skull i will buy it off you (don't go off and sell it to a different town. I need wither skulls for spawner spinners and other ways to help the town).
9. Have Fun!!.?

1. I don't mind helping you do things on the server.
2. Use ./t join UnitedEstate to join my epic town

Reasons To Join:
1. Free plots (No town tax).
2. I Change my hat daily.
3. Shop open for public use.
4. I have a head room in the top of my house if you want to see my favorite heads i collect .
5. Beautiful Ocean top town.
6. A Leader who listens to the people.
7. What else could you ask for.

Reply to this if you have any questions
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We may be a small new town, but we have plans! Join us now and help us grow. :)
Just follow rule #1 and #9 the most (just my opinion-LOL) and you'll fit in just fine. ;-)
The town is no longer open if you want an invite please msg me on the website or IG mail
I can't tour the town because it isn't public. But, I am new to the server and I'd be glad to join if you'd bare with me being a noob lol
It's a new town, not much there yet. lol
What do you mean by to minecraft or just just new to this kind of server?
I'm a 'noob' to this kind of server and have no idea what I'm doing. LOL But I've played minecraft for years.
@UntitledEpicness is the mayor of the town... So its up to him if he is opening it up to more citizens
I'm just new to this type of server. Honestly I've been playing Minecraft for about a year now. My brother got me into it and we played on his private server but that's as far as that goes.
Hello Anyone who needs a town. msg me on this or send me mail in the game and i will consider adding you to UnitedEstate