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Hello fellow Azerturians!

Towny and its commands can be confusing sometimes, especially if you're new to this game-mode. I thought I would compile my knowledge of the Towny commands into a little guide to help new and old players alike better understand what commands are available and what they do.
Towny and Nation Ranks
Warning! Make sure you can trust the people you are promoting to watch over your town/nation.

/t rank add (username) (rank)
/n rank add (username) (rank)

Town Ranks
  • There can only be 1 mayor.
  • Has power over all town perms.
  • Can promote any resident to Helper, Builder, or Senator.

  • Can invite and kick players.
  • Can manage plots. (Set up for sale, remove plots, toggle plot perms)
  • Claim and unclaim land.
  • Can build anywhere in the town.
  • Does not have to pay town taxes.
  • Can promote residents to Builder and Helper.
  • Can invite players to town. (can not kick players)
  • Can set up plots for sale.
  • Can remove plots.
  • Can build in the entire town on any plot.

Nation Ranks

  • There can only be 1 king.
  • All nation perms.
  • Can promote any nation member to Helper or Assistant.
  • Can invite/kick towns in your nation.
  • Can ally towards other nations.
  • Can enemy other nations.
  • Can grant player in the nation chat a title.
  • Can grant players in the nation chat a surname.
  • Can promote nation members to Helper.
  • Can invite towns to the nation. (can not kick towns)

Towny Command List
Note : Most (if not all) /town commands can be abbreviated with /t

Shows information about your current town.

/town spawn
Teleports you to your town's spawn.

/town (name)
Show information on a specific town.

/town spawn (name)
Teleports you to a specific town spawn.

/town list
Brings up all towns on the server.

/town online
Shows online town members.

/town claim
Claims a chunk directly adjacent to your town.

/town unclaim
Unclaims a town plot

/town claim outpost
Claims an outpost for your town. Can be anywhere outside of your current town boundaries but will cost extra money.

/town buy bonus
Buys extra townblocks

/town withdraw (amount)
Withdraws specific amount of money from the town bank. (Mayor only)

/town deposit (amount)
Deposits specific amount of money into the town bank. All residents can do this to support their town.

/town new (name)
Creates a new town. (Requires Lodger rank and 2.5k.)

/town delete
A town mayor can delete their town.

/town add (name)
Add a resident to your town.

/town kick (name)
Remove a resident from your town.

/town set mayor (name)
Set another resident as the town mayor. (Mayor only)

/town set board (message)
Sets the town board message. (Be careful with certain characters, sometimes it doesn't work.)

/town set homeblock
Sets the town homeblock to the current plot. (Must be within town)

/town set spawn
Sets your town spawn to your current location. (Must be within town and homeblock.)

/town set taxes (amount)
Set the tax residents must pay every 24 hours.

/town set plottax (amount)
Set the taxes per plot owned by a resident. This can be 0 if you don't want to use it.

/town toggle explosion/fire/mobs/public/pvp
Toggles a specific action on or off in your town.

/town set perm (resident/ally/outsider) (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)
Sets perms for specific groups for specific actions.
For example, if you want an ally to be able to build on your town plot, you would use /town set perm ally build on. Note : They must also be in your friends list (/res friend add (name) ). You must also do the command for destroy if you want them to remove blocks.

/towny map (/towny map big)
Shows a map of your current position and any surrounding towns. This will also show if you're standing in a town.

/town leave
Leaves your current town.

Nation Command List
Shows information on the nation you're in.

/nation list
Shows a list of nations.

/nation online
Shows nation members online.

/nation (nation)
Shows information on another nation.

/nation deposit
Donate money to the nation you're in.

/nation withdraw
Nation King can withdraw money from the bank.

/nation new (name)
Creates a new nation. (Requires Baron/Baroness rank and 250k.)

/nation add (name)
Invite a town to your nation.

/nation kick (name)
Removes a town from your nation.

/nation delete
Nation King can delete their nation.

/nation ally add (name)
Adds a nation to your ally list.

/nation enemy add (name)
Adds a nation to your enemy list.

/nation leave
Leaves the nation you're in.

If you found this information useful please leave a reaction or comment letting me know! If there is anything I missed and needs to be added, please comment with what needs to be added.~
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Very helpful in the commands /n new and /t new do it more like /t new (name)(Requires lodger rank and 2.5k)
I think that might make it easier because people are always asking How do I make a new town? /t new doesn't work etc
Thanks for taking the time to do this though
With /towny map , you can see a map that shows you the town you're in. İts helpful when you lost in buildings. You can add this to the post if you want.


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The Towny rank permissions are very inaccurate.


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Needs a small amount of work and additions, but you have a got a great start! :)
The Towny rank permissions are very inaccurate.
Could you please point out the mistakes so that I may change them? I'm just going off of personal knowledge--seeing as you know more from experience I would greatly appreciate the shared knowledge so as to update this guide and help others, not misguide them.

Needs a small amount of work and additions, but you have a got a great start! :)
What else do you suggest I add and work on?


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There are just a lot of commands in towny and a lot of them are separated by rank. Even I don't remember all of them. I will try to gather some of the ones missing when I am free. :)


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How to make specific kinds of people be able to build/destroy etc. in your town:
/town set perm (resident/ally/outsider) (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)

There is also plot perms, which is the same for town but for a specific plot:
/plot set perm (friend/ally/outsider) (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)

For example:
if you want an ally to be able to build in your town, you would use /town set perm ally build on.
You must also do the command for destroy if you want them to remove blocks.

if you want a friend to be able to build on your plot, you would use /plot set perm friend build on.
Same here that you need to do the same command but destroy if you want them to remove blocks.
Note: That if you want a friend to be able to do this then they need to be on your friend list:
/res friend add (name)
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I love this, Also HELLO! Its been a long time. Theres also a rank called Co-mayor or something similar but it is essentially another mayor, you can have as many as you want in a town too. My Current town Zaire has like 5.