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Joining a town is important for a towny server, however there doesn't seem to be a good way to join one. Sure you can do /list, but there's no way to tell which towns are active. There should be a recruitment board at spawn that regularly gets updated so players know which towns are active and can choose better, rather than scrolling through 100 pages on /list.
I really like this idea, however I'm not sure how efficient this would be. It seems a little tedious to make a board and keep updating it, especially when some towns can go completely inactive in just a day. You can usually tell if a town is actively recruiting if it's searching for members in chat or on discord in #Recruitment.

I think what should be implemented is the choice to see a list of open towns, instead of just a bunch of closed, then one or two open on the front page. That way, people have a better understanding of what an "open" town means, and they'll be able to join one quicker without hassle, or having to look at a board at spawn to check.


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I like the idea a lot, but as Weavile says, it's gonna be hard to implement. Best bet is probably Discord or a forum category for that (I know that there is a recruitment category, but it could surely be used more).
I feel that once a server member joins our discord or forum he/she has most likely already joined a town, its within the first 5 minutes that they first join the server they start looking for a town to be apart of.

I don't think there is a perfect way to advertise active towns to new members on the server but advertising in discord or the forums is not the most efficient (yes, they still do get some views).

I think the most efficient way of advertising active towns is to have a command (on the server) of some sort that you can upvote your town by voting to become higher ranked in the /town list (sort of how our voting sites work) and the votes will reset each month. I don't think this is a existing plugin so it would have to be developed in the future.