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ThyV Support for Love: Staff member love appreciation

Show ThyV some love, along with the other staff members!
I think we all need to give them some appreciation due to the stressful jobs they do for us daily.
Kind messages only to any staff and every staff including helpers.
It's the Holidays where things are supposed to be full of cheer!
Show how much we care for them


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Thy is such an amazing mod and to be honest I know he is one of the kindest people on this server. He never strays from his moral obligations yet continues to have such strong friendships with everyone. Thy has never turned down anyone and I am grateful and honoured to call him my friend. Thy if you read this, thank you for everything you have done for me and this server.



Staff member
SirKillian, DanSau, PawlerBear, ThyV, CosmicNight, Megan414, Alilybelle, and Aislinstar have always been super helpful people. I am so honored to work with them to make Azertu a better place. All of them are always working hard to improve and protect the server. <3
Yeah, ThyV is like the only good staff member.
yeah this new line of staffies works hard as hek.

specially with this AWESOME xmas event bringing in so many noobies.

precciate y'all!!
I’d like to personally thank Killian for his hard work on everything he does with the server including the intake of staff members he allows to join. You are an amazing admin and server owner, without this server Bite and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game as much as we do together as a couple.. to many more years of this server and to many more streaks on Snapchat!

ThyV, without a shout of a doubt you work incredibly hard at your job in what you do, you show empathy and kindness to the people who need it and still don’t stray from your staff obligations whether or not a friend of yours is breaking the rules you still will justifingly punish on whatever it is. A lot of us care and love you very much and we wish you could see this. This is what that post is for, to show you that you’re not alone and this server is a team in everything, EVERYONE does!

Aislin. You’ve always been a big help to this server and I am happy to see you finally be one of the staff members ! I hope you do an amazing job and continue to thrive the way I’ve seen you thrive with other players. Glad to have you as one of my subordinates. I mean, boss.

Pawler. You’re a good friend of mine, I care for you very much even if we barely talk due to life. I’ve seen the stress it takes to be a staff member on both you and Thy now and I can’t forevermore now be appreciative for your guys love and compassion to what you all do to maintain order.

Cosmicnight. I don’t know you very well but I know you are good at what you do and how you do it ! This post does not leave anyone out.

Megan. I’ve seen you on for the times other staff members cannot be on and I have to honestly say, thank you. Lol. If you were not on during said times the server would be a bit of a mess with people breaking rules late at night!

Lily! You haven’t been on in awhile but I’ve gotten to know you fairly ok through some silly times. Work and school is rough and you maintain a good outlook on life with how you approach staff and all of us miss you.

Dan. Oh damn Daniel. (Insert meme here) :) you’re a toughie. You’re strong and have been the one to pick up the vans. I mean bans! When we need them done accordingly, of course.

Thank you all for your kindness, your help in what you do, your will to keep going and however long you all stay with us.. a joyful life in Minecraft.
Merry Christmas !


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When I first joined the server in the summer of 2018, I was scared. I'd never been on a Towny server at all and I didn't know what to do. But the SirKillian and I just started talking and he showed me how to play Towny. After that I loved the server and made SO many friends. The next person I really connected to was Dilly I think, another amazing staff member later on in the future. After his leaving of the team and the server I was super sad though. But in the meantime I also connected to someone named Night, you probably don't know him, but he was the coolest guy. He and I were best buds, after he became Staff member though he was just to cool for me lol. (jk love u no homo). The next staff member I really connected to I think were Daniel and PawPaw. To me they were just 2 staff members that I had no recollection of, and to them I was a random guy on the server. So I talked to them and we became friends I hope... but tbh idk. Then there was Lily, Lily was sooo nice to me and she's the best but idk when we met at all but she's just the best! But I'm really sorry Aislinstar, but I didn't know that you were a staff member until a month ago and we never see each other but I bet that your also nice. Same with Megan. But Volk, he and I met when I became his private farmer. Later Business patterns for a SECRET PROJECT That nobody can know about... ;) ThyV came up next and I sort of use him for Relic Reasons but he's cool I guess, (Im scared to saying anything about ThyV bc tbh he scares me[even though this post is about ThyV]) Well after a week of starting that project. He became staff, so I was like dang, this is gonna be another Night incident. But nope he's still the same Volk. I am SUPER DUPER Grateful for the staff team and all they do for us. But yeah I feel threatened by all of the staff members except for Volk Lily and ThyV.... Ope better run
Yeah I’ve only been playing for around 2 months and the staff have always been respectful and quick to respond to issues :)