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the lumberjack nerf is rediculous, im lvl 25 hunter and i make more with that job then i do at lvl 55 lumberjack. you killed it. i would highly suggest putting pay back up and nerfing something like the tree feller cooldown
100% Agree, ANY job at level 50 is getting more money than a level 70 Lumberjack, that just aint right. Blacksmith was nerfed in a way where pay was not changed but the rate at which it was gained was slowed, Im talking about the macro ban. I feel that lumberjack can get this treatment aswell, bring the pay up, reduce tree feller to 20 seconds or maybe even increase the cooldown by 2 minutes. I would even accept BOTH, that is how bad it is now. Whats worse is you based this nerf on like the top lumberjack and not all the other people who have the job. You killed a job, murdered, might aswell take it out at this point.

I just want the job to be an option someone could take to earn cash, if you grind your way up to 75 you DESERVE the highest pay. I just don't want another job to die so please reconsider.
I agree. It doesnt pay back at all. Its simply horrific to get less than 40 cents for one log when im a lvl 70 lumberjack.


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I have heard new players have collected inventories full of logs and not even making nearly enough considering the lack of places to sell and the limited use of the logs themselves. I still feel like if we implemented a way to turn charcoal into coal or charcoal into coal blocks it may be more lucrative. Now I don't personally use lumberjack but I can see how this may be a large deterrent.
Volk, I disagree with the thought of a custom recipe being lucrative. While I only have a limited knowledge of how each job works with each other, I've come to notice that some jobs have synergy with each other. Farmers can make a good amount from harvesting alone, but they make an additional buck by selling to cooks. Miners can make a decent dollar off of mining alone, but they can make an additional living off of selling to cooks and blacksmiths. Hunters can even make good cash from killing blazes and selling the rods to cooks.

In towny, Cook is King.

Lumberjack doesn't prove useful to anybody except maybe to those few individuals who need apples, and for the few ambitious builders. It's a job that requires relic tools and maximum repair to at all be an effective job.

Lumberjacks harvest their wood, and that's it. There's no additional use for them. The job can be made SO useful with the addition of a custom recipe of a charcoal block.

While you could raise concerns of the clear abundance of charcoal over coal, you could reduce the burn time of a charcoal block vs a coal block. This would make the charcoal block a viable option for lumberjacks to sell to cooks. Cooks would likely take a coal block over a charcoal block, making a reduced demand for charcoal blocks. This allows lumberjack to not get too overpowered as it was before the nerf.
This would probably be the better solution as opposed to the current one.


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Coal blocks would prove it useful Imo and it would be less work to implement than a new block. Also apples are a very profitable market, if some people took the time to collect them you could make millions, ya know? Apples sell around 100k a dub, so if you want to guarantee sales sell them competitively. However it would be lucrative, cooks always need coal and they prefer it over blaze rods because it lasts 64 refills vs 10.5 from blaze rods.

Also cook is not king, everything works together. Cook, traditionally, would supply food and sell it, but food is no longer of use to players. Only golden apples are. So now they do not supply the people with as much as many other jobs do.

Lumberjack > builder, cook, artists
Cook > hunters, all players who eat

..I could go all day with all the jobs, but I feel like that is excessive.
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Uh, the problem with cook is it's like no other job. I myself exploit this to the max. You can shove your stuff in a furnace and let it cook while you do other stuff(I farm for more potatos and for monies) and then rinse and repeat. Ever wonder why wrapter is #1 and was in the top 10 within a week or so of joining? He literally sat and cooked for hours. He afked watched some anime or something and put potatos in furnaces.

But thats aside the point. Lumberjack sucks. Just get your apples from villagers by trading wheat for emeralds and emeralds for apples. Apple business down the drain. Charcoal is useless, charcoal business down the drain. Artists use terracota and builders don't exist, wood business down the drain. I pay 2k per stack of coal blocks. Doing the math here thats 576 pieces of coal for 2k. So basically if we allowed charcoal to be crafted into blocks, they'd have to smelt it into charcoal 576 times to get 2k. Wowee thats a lot of work for what I make in about 20 seconds off cook. GG Balance. *Mic Drop*

But seriously, lumberjack needs a buff.


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Not true artists need fuel just as much as cooks do. Charcoal can be smelted in an auto-smelter so it's not like you have to babysit it like you do with cook btw. There may not be actual builders in the job, but there are quite a bit of people who build on this server. People make so much money off of apples and no one takes advantage of this. Seems like an oversight on the lumberjacks of Azertu in my opinion.
People make so much money off of apples and no one takes advantage of this. Seems like an oversight on the lumberjacks of Azertu in my opinion.[/QUOTE]

Wrong. Me and Panzer are top Lumberjacks, when we used to still chop trees we would get dubs and dubs of apples, we tried selling them, starting at 80k, nothing, 60k, nothing, 30k nothing, no one wanted apples. A long time ago before lumberjack were getting big, apples were actually worth a lot, but not anymore, economy changes. If anyone is willing to buy apples from me for 100k then PLEASE MSG ME


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[Msg] I buy apples for 100k. [/Msg] I can double that easy
Lol, we have top lumberjacks here telling you they didn't make enough money. Charcoal unless it can be turned into blocks is useless. I buy 36 stacks of coal blocks and that gives me 64 inv fulls of potatos to cook for 72k worth of coal that I never need to change, I don't see a reason to buy charcoal over coal blocks or blaze rods. I mean, you can argue for the job all you want, but not many agree with it being fine.


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You need to slow down and read what I am saying because you are not understanding the suggestion I made. Please do not keep spamming this thread unless you plan to add to the conversation instead of repeating the same arguments.


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Due to this being fixed in the last patch, im locking this thread :p
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