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Hey I just thought that I'd make a thread where I can just store some of the updates I make to my town, just for keepsakes in terms of myself, as well as if anyone is actually interested in seeing the progress of my town.

A little background about me, I joined the server when it came out, and have taken many hiatus' since then where I've taken periods of months off because I got sidetracked. My town has always been Red and I used to try to compete in the Hay buying market. Since retirement, I found a new location and started building a new town. I've always been alone, but maybe one day I'll open up my doors to my town and some people can tag along.

So, I'd like to welcome you to my little town, that is a work in progress. I'll update what happens on this thread when changes are made.

Town mayor: Redicebergz
Current members: Redicebergz, Fubibii
Nation: Zaire
Friends: none :c

As of February 10th, 2019

Thank you for viewing my town, and stop by anytime! /t spawn red
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"Burn's Fountain" or Maybe "The fountain of burn" or like "Die fountain". All perfect names to be honest.

Also, nice place :D