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Rejected The staff guidelines needs some tweaks about the big problem that is Racism in the server.

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The Staff guidelines are pretty lenient when it comes to one of the biggest problems the world suffer nowadays, that is racism.

Racism should be treat no different than hackers for example. People die everyday about this and it's not uncommon to have people join to spam/say Racial slurs only to get muted for 30 min.

Today we have the case in the server where a player said ''I hate people of color" and his punishment was a 30 min mute.

In a serious debate, what does this differ from a person that xrays in the server? The Xray ban is a insta 30 day first offense without the chance of a warning, and having people being muted for 30 minutes to say something that is literal crime is 99.9% of the countries in the world is something i will never understand, so here i give this suggestion. Make the Racism punishment be at least 30 days.

And please note i'm saying only about people being blatant racist, people that say derogatory terms once probably could be handled in other ways, but it's still a very bad thing.


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I see and understand your side of this. However, I must disagree. Many servers in the past would just "ban" players for this reason. After some time though, that means there are less players and less exposure overall. Do we want racism on the server? Of course not. However, this guideline for this action has been in place for some time. A lot of players on the server are older/more mature. With that, some leniency is given (on specific issues of course). However, say a child is online, and they say a term that is deemed racist yet they are so long, they do not understand. Now, they are unable to play on the server for 30 days. With the comparison of hacking, it's hacking. You know you're hacking when you hack. It is not a sense of simply not knowing what a word means, which can set up trolls as well to trick younger players.

Of course, to make this clear, I am in no way defending those of a racist ideology or those against specific peoples, but racism and hacking in a video game is very different. In this world, many countries allow some type of law that regards the expression in one's speech, I would like to say that can somewhat apply here. You can say what you want within the rules. It is the internet after all. However, for a video-game, hacking is cheating. Cheating is not allowed in a video-game. Racism is not exactly "not allowed", but is extremely frowned upon in the way that it is viewed to most to not be allowed, as it should be.

Also, many of those you see that may say something like ''I hate people of color" as you pointed out, are trolls. They are only there to troll and mess around. However, there have been people in the past that actually started off doing that, but since they got the chance to stay around a bit (given they couldn't talk at times due to a mute), they actually became regular players which is healthy for a server, with their trolling qualities going away due to that stature.

However, your point that "only about people being blatant racist, people that say derogatory terms once probably could be handled in other ways" doesn't make much sense then. With the support above, what deems "racist" different than one being a simple troll? I feel there is too much grey space here to operate consistently and effectively. The Guidelines are thorough and give a structure to staff and help perform the same punishments to those no matter the staff member online.

I don't see this change benefitting the server. I do understand your point of view, but I hope my points above can help show my point of view with this issue.


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I am really impressed that you felt motivated to speak up on this.

A 30m mute is not the only sanction- if the person persists after the mute, it will become a temp ban, and if then, a longer temp ban... if they still don't learn it gets addressed differently.

As Snow points out, most of the people who behave this way are trolls looking for a reaction. Many leave during their mute and never return. It's always best if people ignore those who behave this way to deprive them of the attention that fuels them.


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I agree with snow and Wyre. There is a place and time for specific punishments too btw. Trolls who have never done it before are likely not to do it again as they just want attention so a small punishment is fitting imo. When players use spam bots to be racist, they are usually permed (mostly because they are bots and because of ban evasion, but the excessive racism is also not tolerated)

Using an unfair advantage-providing client modification is not on the same scale as rude, politically-incorrect comments because they are isolated issues. We don't really accept appeals for rude behavior (racism) while we do accept appeals for xraying.

One set of rules cannot apply for all punishments respectively. Thank you for your time.
My concern is with what is and is not racist being judged by staff. A person saying "another shooting happened and its another white guy" to one may seem just like a fact. While to the other it perpetuates the very racist notion that white people are more criminal due to their race.

I think other rules cover this problem in a more concrete manner.


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What we do in situations like that is address it as another rule. "Do not mention controversial topics" those open ended statistics are only brought up to stir drama. If you want drama go to Reddit not our Minecraft server.
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