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Rejected The Purge Command

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There is a command in the /townyadmin page that I think should be optional for town mayors/co-mayors to enable, which is the /townadmin Purge (days) command. It is meant to kick players from a town who have not been online for however many days that the command says so. I noticed that a lot of people in certain towns haven't been on for up to a year, and town owners/co-mayors should not have to go through a large list of people if they want to kick inactives. Even sorting through 20~ people for inactive people gets annoying.
This is a good idea. I really like it, but what if one of your town members go on vacation? You'd have to have a work around for the command for people on vacation. And if the mayor was offline the a specific number of days, would it kick the mayor of the town? (and in my opinion, the name is too much like the horror movie the Purge.)


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As far as I know, it will not kick the Mayor of a town and who will be kicked can be customized; However, I think this is a good idea as it allows mayors to easily search through inactive residents and kick accordingly. I do see the potential hassle here with "temp-inactive" residents (vacation) like Sekil said. I think that can be solved with user adaptation and user-user agreements over Towny related things.

> The easy solution without this is to set a low town tax: It will rid the inactive residents, but in varying times.


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Townyadmin is for admins of the server not of the town.

I solved this issue using taxes, and at very least you can get some free money in the process.


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/townadmin Purge (days) purges all inactive users from the database. not just from your town.
as volk mentioned above /townyadmin are commands for server admins to manage certain situations.
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