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I can guarantee a vast majority of players have some sort of mods installed to help make their experience better on the server. I personally have 9 mods that i use on a daily basis, most of them cosmetic, but some function very well and help a lot. Ive made the list of mods "Server Friendly" meaning the vast majority of these dont affect the actual game-play server side apart from the minimap modd and the maco-keybind mod, which both of these are compliant to the rules of the server which i will get to shortly. So without further or do, heres a list of the mods i have, screenshots, and how to use / configure them.

Better Hud:
The BetterHud mod is pretty much what it says it is... It adds a hud to your screen showing a wide variety of things such as the compass, armor (including damage) biome, fps, ping, game time and much more! It is widely configurable to your liking including the positioning of all the different sections of the GUI.

If you want to tweak locations of the sections, etc, The default Hotkey is U.

You've probably heard the word macro's thrown around the server quite a few times, and yes in some ways they are not allowed, IE., for job grinding etc, However, This mod only allows chat macro's, meaning you cant break the rules with it. Its super simple to use, and you can set up keys for saying anything in chat, or running any commands. Its as simple as hitting K to open up the menu, adding a hotkey, and then using it.

Mo'Bends is a client-side mod that makes the appearance of players & mobs so much different. Ever wanted to see more bends in a minecraft player? Or more stances etc than just the default blocky boxy ones? This mod does just that! when running you have a whole new look, arms and legs bend and much much more! I find this to make the game look so much more appealing and just that slight bit different.

The edit any settings for this mod, just hit G, and the settings will be in there, there are also packs you can use for it to change the different annimations, but i find the default Mo'Bends one to work perfectly.

Mobs: Crouch: Swing:
Optifine is widely used now in minecraft to boost performance, and for many other features like connected textures. This one doesnt really need any explaining....

ShoulderSurfing allows a new mode when you press F5. You can get really cool screenshots from looking over your shoulder! just press f5 to get the right one, then use the arrow keys to move the camera around, and use O to switch it over to the other shoulder, its that simple!

XaerosMinimap(Fair Play Edition):
Now this is a mod you have to be careful with. If i post a download for the whole modpack, you wont have to worry, but if your using this to get your own mods, BE CAREFUL! You MUST When downloading this, choose the one that says Fair Play Edition. This one is designed for servers that don't allow cave finder or mob finder etc. Which is the one i have used. even if in the settings you turn cave-finder on, it will still be turned off. Its not possible to use cave-finder unless you use the full edition of the mod (i highly advise you dont).

To configure this mod just Y to alter the settings. Also hit B to set a new waypoint, hit U to manage your waypoints, and H to hide the map.

This mod is very small and light weight, all it really does is adds a health bar above players/mobs that shows what armor they have, how much health etc. Very usefull to find out how much damage your weapon is dealing, or even if you want to attack someone but dont know if theyre wearing the best armor in the game!

Will Add Screenshot Soon

WTS(Whats That Slot):
Whats that slot is very helpfull if you dont know EVERYTHING that can be used as fuel, etc. Its very simple to use, just hover over the slot, and press P and it will show a list of all items that can go into that slot.

Will Add Screenshot Soon

Controlling Doesnt really do much in a sense of changing your gameplay. This is to help you if you have a lot of hot-keys and dont know if any colide, or dont know what a hotkey is set to. Simply go into your control settings, and you will see a few new buttons at the bottom, where you can get a list of all unassigned hotkeys, or you can press a button to see any hotkeys that are the same and need changing. I personally find this very helpful when im setting up macro's so i dont screw up and set a macro to a hotkey thats already in use.

Will Add Screenshot Soon
Mod Pack:

Forge Mod Loader:

How To Install:

How to install? Simple, Go to the forge mod loader site, and click download windows installer, once its downloaded, run the file you just downloaded and it will add a new profile into your minecraft launcher named forge. Right. Now you need to head to your .minecraft folder - \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft - Make sure to then download the Mod Pack file, and extract it with software like 7Zip or WinRaR. Once you do that you should have a file named "mods". now go to your .minecraft folder, drop that mods file in there (MAKE SURE ITS NOT A COMPRESSED FILE STILL) and if forge already made a file named mods it will ask you if you want to replace it or not. just replace it because the old one is empty at the moment, once youve done that, just head to your launcher, load the forge profile that it created, and you should be good to go! I will make changelogs if i ever update this, and if you ever need help at all just give me a shout on discord! Thanks for reading everyone! And be sure to let me know if you use this pack and tell me what you think!
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HUD mods dont give you an unfair advantage against other players except for you can see how broken your armor is and they cant. So i would be extremely surprised if they dont like it.