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as the title says,
Subway or Chick-fila?
Subway Man or Fila Chick?
Fresh Flesh Sandwiches or Chicken Sandwiches?

Say which one you support in the comments below, but be wary that this decision crucially matters and determines the fate of dank memes on the server.
First, if you like subway I'm sorry. Their food is literally fake.
Second, Chick-Fil-A, but every time I wanna eat there it's fucking Sunday.

My pick is Chick-Fil-A.


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Subway is my lunch meal at work...But I enjoy Chick-Fil-A more. My pick is Chick-Fil-A.


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Chick-Fil-A > SubWay
I used to go there a lot when I lived in CA, but I don't know of one other than in Milwaukee, WI. :(
I eat SubWay tho, I make my own sandwich and I never use the pre-built ones. :D


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It depends on if I'm feeling a Sandwich or just chicken but rn I would want A Foot long from Subway


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Tomorrow I would probably want Chick Fil A
Cmon easy decision.

Has anyone ever walked into subway and thought to themself. "That's an odd smell." :LOL:

That and Subway is everywhere in the UK and I'd rather not.
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i live in florida, in florida we have pub subs. subway is never an option here they only exist in section 8 housing areas.

so obviously chikfila
I vote.....neither...LOL both are bad for your health. LOL :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:o_O:whistle:

Plus I would never give my money the anti-LGBT chicken place...


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I’m not a fan of Subway, so I’d choose Chick Fil A ?