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Rejected Some short and easy suggestions

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Enable the pvp aspect of unarmed, while keeping the disarm aspect disabled, literally no reason not to as using a weapon is still way better.

Jobs: Maybe look into making an alchemy job, with some unique perk like making exp bottles or unlocking some other custom enchant/potion
Herdsman: Give 100% pay on all mobs from spawners.
Hellworker: Maybe a nether resource world would make it better
Builder: More pay for glass/smelting glass maybe (indirectly gives digger a purpose aswell)
Maybe more frequent resource resets, or some custom bigger mesa biomes, as artist is really dead without terracotta,and it deters people who are artists from playing

Crates: Remove them entirely and add a /crates command where it just opens the crate from wherever you are, because they keep breaking and you can't use your crate at the same time as someone else.
Make getting relic cores pseudo random, as in adding some sort of pity timer, because if you have trash luck it doesn't really give you motivation to vote, especially if you're a more older/richer player, the vote rewards aren't all that great.

Events: More frequent events, the fact that no easter this year was a let down, it doesn't have to be anything special, just something different. Something like the double job exp/pay weekend is a good example, and it brought in more players.

-Adding more mobs to the spawner spinners (possibly guardian/enderman/witch) and give existing spawners meaning (pig spawners have no use, no herdsman pay no cook bonus for meat) Probably a very slight exp increase for meats, or a very slight pay increase, or a combination of reduced pay/more exp will make a market for it
-Make it so that the /cstoggle command stops giving you a notification when your shop is full/empty

Relics: Possibly adding manticore armor which would level by taking damage,

Also, please consider reworking the thing where if you go into a beacon range it removes certain runestone enchants, I really don't think it's abusable and it's just very very annoying to play with.
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Honestly for the builder one I'm lovin the idea of smelting sand. I've been a builder for ages but I've not really had the motivation for it. I see a LOT of demand for glass, and it always looks like no one really has it in stock. It plays little to no value in the server as of now. Enabling builders to smelt sand into glass would give them a newer purpose rather than just "build" and hope your materials give you xp.

The crates idea is great. Being able to check how many crates you've got without having to go to the spawn area saves a lot of time and patience, and also avoids crates breaking / players getting impatient whilst waiting for their crates to be opened.

I'll be honest, I personally believe that the nether should be resource-related regardless of this suggestion, because there aren't that many players who actively build in the nether for town purposes. Most of the time you just see wither farms. I understand they can be tedious to build / find, but I feel that they should hold the same value as the end world whenever it gets reset.

Waiting 3-4 months for a resource reset is painful, as I learned yesterday whilst helping a newer player out with getting further into the world without the floor being garbled. 2 months is a good time limit, and I think players would be more grateful for a shorter reset time.


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I definitely agree with most of these, resource world resets needs to be more frequent, and it would make hellworker better if we actually got a nether resource world.

Opening crates with a command would also be really nice - especially since they seem to break quite often. This have been suggested several times before, but always nice to see the suggestion again. However, there is no such thing as bad luck, if you vote enough times, you will surely get the amount of relic cores you are supposed to. If people says that their bad luck motivates them not to vote, they either don't understand how statistics work, or wouldn't vote in the first place.

Events definitely needs to be more frequent - and yeah, it doesn't have to be big events, but just like some smaller events that gets the community together. I've hosted countless events in my time in server management, and just small competitions are usually very well received in a community.

Regarding the full/empty chest shop, I don't really see that big of a problem with it, it's more when people click it 5, 10, or 20 times in a row. It should be possible to code it so it will only print one message (say every 5 minutes), and not each time it's clicked.
I’d say these are very good ideas! The Manticore armo(u)r Is a good idea (it helps players kinda level acrobatics when pvp-ing)

The /crates command is also good too! Every time a vote party happens, everyone just rushes to the crates area and it takes a long time since only one player can open it at a time.

I’d say the events are good too, since we didn’t have a lot of stuff this year (no Easter) and for the Power weekend (2x job payment & exp), it made a lot more players want to grind and it makes the server active, too.

These are all very good ideas! I’d love to see them :)


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My input on things:

- As far as I remember, all of unarmed except disarm is enabled.
- If herdsman got re-worked exp and money wise, I think that would have to be reflected on cook and % chances on spawner spinners.
- I don't think that builders should get paid for smelting sand, but I'm all for higher pay on glass.
- I'd love to see a resource-nether world, but I'm not sure on how that might impact the current nether world because people have been quarrying out chunks, using the nether for their builds, and spamming the nether's top with blocks.
- I completely agree with artist being dead, but I don't think that resource world should adapt to them. It's merely a challenge: Other things in Artist pay as well and it's much easier to make money off of crafting/dying wool/leather imo.
- I believe there's currently "/rewards" for the daily and weekly llama, and I'd love to see one for crates aswell.
- As forementioned above, I think that if anything were to be done to herdsman or cook (and relating..) there would need to be a re-balance of sorts.
- I know this isn't the intended use of the command, but /clear resets the current effects on a player.

I'll be honest, I personally believe that the nether should be resource-related regardless of this suggestion, because there aren't that many players who actively build in the nether for town purposes. Most of the time you just see wither farms. I understand they can be tedious to build / find, but I feel that they should hold the same value as the end world whenever it gets reset.
I think that the end will not be reset under any circumstance and that's only because there's player builds scattered around them. I think an easy solution could be really and I mean really slow shulker spawners.


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Mcmmo: I am not sure if the pvp aspect can be enabled without disarm as that was the main reason it was removed.

Jobs: Alchemy job would be interesting to see
Herdsman: I think 100% pay on spawned mobs is a bad idea, maybe an increase but 100% is gonna be a no from me.
Hellworker: I think a resource nether would be a good idea.
Builder: I like this idea, in addition all glazed cotta blocks to builder.
More frequent resource resets are not necessary as the reason why resource wasn't reset as quick as in the past was because a large portion of the world was untouched.

Crates: I don't think it's necessary to remove a staple of the community because we can't learn to be patient. The breaking of vote crates resets with the server each day so i don't think it is a major issue.

Events: We enjoy having events, but a major issue is that people complain about events instead of enjoying them. When the entire server decides to complain about not getting loot without working for it, it's a disappointment to those who created it. The double pay weekend will unlikely return as that hit the economy in a way it has still yet to recover from (relic crystal, relic core, and relic item price jump).

More mob spawners: I would be happy to see new spawners, but i still think that witch is op in the sense that they spawn many more loot items than other mobs, and guardian spawners make temple obsolete despite the temples being a challenge to obtain which is part of the fun.

./cstoggle would be nice to fix but I'm not sure if it can be without redoing the functionality of the mod.

Relics: I don't think manticore armor is a good idea.

The beacon range glitch is due to the way that minecraft works, it's not something we can solve at this time.
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