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Hey everyone! today i come with a pack of interesting ideas for the server, hope you guys like them.

first of all, give the miner job xp and money for mining netherrack and quartz ore.
Second, add an item that gives you the posibility to fix the coloured name of your relic or item, according to the new implementation on the last patch.
Third, add a plugin for combat tagger, to prevent people of scaping, log off or doing anything while is in combat with another player. this could includ
forth, and this could be polemic for some poeple, but i think that it would be a great idea to add a faction world in the server. this world is going to be used as an optional mode for every people who wants a little of emotion in his gameplay. it will share inventory with the other worlds, and adding some cool features to the experience.
And the last one, its to add bosses that could appear randomly in any of the azertu worlds. you will have the posibility to find them crafting a special compass. the rewards for killing these bosses, could be like skill gems, relic cores, xp for mcmmo, and other things that would make them a interesting choice to have in mind.

thats all for now friends, thanks for reading and leave your oppinions :D


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For the first idea, Netherrack and Quartz is for the Hellworker job. You can do /j info hellworker to see what you get exp and money for when you in that job.

I don't think a faction world would become a thing, as the Towny War was disabled (kind of buggy) and many people enjoy the PvP aspect, being not as prominent. However, there is still that option of PvPing in the wilderness or in a PvP enabled plot/town.

Hope this helps! :D


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As snow stated there is already hell worker and we wont be adding factions to the server.
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