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Rejected SirKopoly Board Game Discussion & Suggestions

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SirKopoly is a board game currently being developed by GombidGames. In the game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading towns (properties), and developing them with plots (houses) and outposts (hotels). Players collect taxes (rent) from their opponents, with the goal of getting them perm banned (going bankrupt and being retired from the game). Money can also be gained or lost through Vote & Party Crates (Chance and Community Chest cards), and daily taxes (tax squares); players can end up getting temp banned (jail), which they cannot move from until they have met one of several conditions.


If you couldn’t tell, this is a version of Monopoly except with a AzertuMC/towny theme, which will be worked on by our brilliant owner Sirkillian, and the plan is that he will turn it into a full fledged co-op multiplayer game.

This thread was made to discuss the idea of the concept, what would need to go into it and what would need to be changed from the original monopoly game to make it AzertuMC/towny themed. We’re currently accepting/reviewing all suggestions that will go into this game and make it a reality.


What we need

- 22 different town names (properties)
• well known, lots of activity & exc

- Azertu/towny theme of railroads
• need 4 of these

- Azertu/towny themed electrical and water supply companies
• need one of each (2 total)

- Azertu/towny themed “Free Parking” space

- Azertu/towny themed “Income Tax” & “Luxury Tax” Spaces
• one of each (2 total)

- 32 different Vote and Party Crate Cards (Chance & Community Chest Cards)
• 16 of each

- AzertuMC/towny themed “Go to Jail” Space

What We have so Far

- Daily Llama (Go Space)

- Temp Banned (Jail)

- Character or Game Pieces will be based on the 11 different jobs available on the server
• Hoe (Farmer), Bread (Cook), Netherrack (Hellworker), Anvil (Blacksmith), Pickaxe (Miner), Sword (Hunter), Shears (Herdsman), Shovel (Digger), Axe (Lumberjack), Oak Plank (Builder) & Red Dye (Artist)


None of these ideas are set in stone and we’re happy to take any suggestions on this concept or any changes that should be made to this game.

Will also continue to update this thread with new ideas or suggestions, along with adding any other info that I may have missed.
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