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Well, the title explains it all.

Here's my idea as to how it could look:
shop history suggestion.png
Possible questions and my answers:

a. How is the server supposed to keep up with so much data?
A: The server could have the data/logs disappear after a week or so. Or the server could at least just cover 5 days of shop history data. This way the data won't pile up.

b. Isn't this going to be a bit spammy?
A: That is why the history must be separated by few pages and one page show at least 15 lines of text at a time.

c. Is it not impossible with the current chest shop setup?
A: Trust me, it's not. I've seen some server pull it off.

Opinions and questions? Post it below!

Also, please check out my previous suggestion as I really want it to happen lol:


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The topic has been previously discussed here. I would enjoy having an offline log of sorts telling me how I got broke haha.
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