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In AzertuMC, you're always grinding your jobs. And to be fair, it's quite relaxing and appealing. But sometimes, it doesn't feel as rewarding, maybe because you have close to a million exp before your next job level, and that seems so insurmountable.

What I propose is this; and it's already been done on the server once, so I know it's at least a possibility. On March 1st, it was announced the server was doing a "Power Weekend", making available to everyone 2x Jobs EXP and Money. To be frank, I wish that this kind of event came about more frequently, or rather, at the players' behest.

In other servers, (I apologize for mentioning them), they allow for players to purchase EXP and Money boosters, for the whole server, for a limited time with each boost. Some do an hour, 4 hours, etc. I have done some research and found that there are plugins that allow for a server to be EULA-compliant with these boosters, and these boosters would not be pay to win, at least in my opinion, because of everyone benefiting from said booster.

I hope you'll consider this possibility.
Such thing has the possibility of breaking the market/economy in short notice. Basically my point is that a lot of things would be rendered worthless and some things really expensive. There would have to be a lot more adjustments again to maintain the target profit of each jobs at 250k/hr at max level, or well, more, if you do your jobs during a boost. I actually like the idea that it becomes server-wide instead you know, a pay to win mechanic that you can only get for yourself. I feel like this shouldn't be a regular "treat" to the server by people who can afford it. So my idea is that the thing would be a bit expensive, and that it wouldn't do 100% or 2x more exp but rather 15-25% boost. I feel like this should rather be a celebratory treat instead of a regular one. Like for example the boost is really expensive and I would only buy it during an important occasion. I don't know if I presented my ideas well but:

a. Instead of 100% boost, there should only be 15-25% boost.
b. It has to be really expensive to the point that it doesn't become a regular thing that people buy during a regular day.
c. Forums suggestion never really get noticed so welp rip to all the ideas


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I feel that when SirK introduced the "Power Weekend" it was a very successful event. The player count was immensly high and I think that these events would be executed more.


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Its been discussed about having more of them. We are just not sure at the moment if/when/where and how this would be executed if done again