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Please create tickets when there is an issue ingame, dont @ all of staff
we will see the tickets quicker than the tag in chats like off topic and general, and makes it better to organize
- CosmicNightHawk, Moderator

You might be asking, what is this and what does it mean? Well, someone unnecessarily did @ Staff over making a ticket for a simple issue. This notifies 10 different people that "Hey I have a small inconvenience" and the Staff tag is generally reserved for something like a bot attack. My suggestion is that we just rid the ability to tag the role as a whole. Not only will this ease the workload of players and staff, it'll influence the creation of tickets (which are hella easy to do). You also might be asking yourself, "What if there is a bot attack, how will we get the attention of staff?". You'd either be making a ticket or individually tagging an Admin/Moderator about it. Tickets notify the online staff that there's an issue and tagging an available staff member will assure the problem is solved swiftly.


Staff member
I personally don't think people tag all the staff enough for this to be a problem. I do get a notification every time someone posts in #help-requests, but I much rather prefer to have the tag for emergencies.

In the instance where someone creates a ticket, and I am only able to access my phone/I am somewhat busy, I set the ticket aside until I am available. If it's an emergency, without the tag I would be unable to tell. If someone does @ staff I will know that there is a serious problem and come online right away.

This is just me though, other staff may have different opinions.
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