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RuneStone EXP system rework

You may wonder why I feel like this system should be reworked. My reason for this is due to how it consumes the exp you gain. It's like enchanting, it uses levels, not the amount of EXP you have. The common runestone (refer to RS for short) is level 35 as we know, but it's level 35 no matter what. I feel that instead using 35 levels, it should consume 2000 EXP units (which is level 35 if you do not know this). Say if you are level 100, you won't lose 35 levels, only 2000 exp units. Thus helping out getting more RS if you're a higher level. Some say it will be bad. Some say why don't they just get the RS when they reach level 35? I suggest this solution because say if you mindlessly grind to 100 levels and realize that you want the level 35 RS instead of the level 100 RS, with the current system, you can only get 2. Luckily, with the system I'm suggesting, you'll get 15 (100 levels is around 31,000 exp on the server, 10,500 for 65, and 2,000 for 35).

If you want me to explain further, please send me mail (/mail send Da_Dragon) or send me a message while I'm online.
Thank you for taking your time to read this!


Staff member
Most plugins that deal with the enchantment levels are what alter this. Vanilla enchantment levels are pretty tricky to work with too.


Staff member
We use levels to make it harder. As using regular exp makes it super OP. This means it was intentionally designed like this and we are not going to change it as of right now.