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i think that we should have an end, overworld,and nether for mainworlds, and alongside that, have 3 of each as resourceworlds,ofcouse the end can probalby stay the way it is being it is a resource world aside from the main island.

any other ideas?
Theres already a overworld resource which you know. I think a nether resourceworld would also be a good idea because there is hardly any quartz and glowstone in the nether. But like in the "End Cities" and "These should be added" Forums post they both suggested a end resource world and like me and killa said in there ive suggested it multiple times. And what good would this bring ? shulkers wouldnt spawn due to no mobs in resource you can craft purpur and end rods. In the end theres still end stone and chorus fruit/plant. The only benefit this would have is dragon heads. Anything other then that is obtainable in the current end. (Elytras and Eggs from killing dragon) So in a way it is pointless.


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Ill give the same response i did to another post: I dont believe we will ever have a recourse End due to the fact that there is a lot of endstone left and an infinity of chorus plants and flowers. if its about shulkers, mobs doesnt spawn in resource worlds. A resource nether has been discussed but so far there is no plans of adding one.

and we dont need 3 of them :p
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