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Rejected Relic Core crafting

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- Everyone has been speaking of ways to make relic cores so here is my idea. -

We all have those old relics that we no longer use because we've gotten something better so I came up with a way to "recycle" them.

Sell old relics for a higher value since they can be used to make 'fragmented cores.' Fragmented Cores will be a new item that can be used to craft a Relic Core in a 2x2 pattern. The only way to obtain a Fragmented Core would be by "recycling" a relic. So if you get two of the same relics or an old outdated one you can turn it into a fragment of sell it for market value.

-Higher Valued Low-Tier Relics
-Gives the 'not-so-cool' relics another use
-Another method to obtain Relic Crystals

-Still a challenge to obtain
-Might reduce the chance of relic drop parties

I am very interested to see how the Azertu community may be able to add to this topic.
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Good idea, but I would rather like it if the Fragmented Cores were called a different name so as to not confuse new Players, some call a Relic Fragment a Relic Crystal.

Another suggestion I have in mind is instead of having the Relic Core be crafted in a 2x2, it should be in a 3x3 pattern, that way Relic Cores will still be rare.

When you "recycle" the Relic Items, there should be a chance on wether or not you get a Fragmented Core. This would help keep Relic Cores rare in the market.
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I like this Idea for many reasons. First of all, when you get a relic crystal, and you get a, let's say Nodric Cuirass, there would still be hope for you to craft another crystal if you gather enough relics.

Another suggestion that I am just thinking of is if we could like make a way to repair the names on relics


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one word, arcane enchanting levels #makeblacksmithgreatagain


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I like this idea but sadly we dont see this being a good idea on Azertu and being a good fit.
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