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Rejected /recipe (itemname)

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Now if my memory serves correctly, on a previous server that I played on they had a command where you could type /recipe (itemname) and it would bring up a crafting GUI showing you how to craft said item and I believe that Azertu has that same command. You can type /recipe itemname and it says you do not have permission to use this command and I believe that this would be a great quality of life feature to add.

Before someone says “the crafting book is a thing”, the crafting book doesn’t give you all recipes and you’re left to find said recipe yourself, which is somewhat of an annoyance.

Below is an example of the following command “/recipe redstone_repeater”.



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- /recipe was disabled by Essentials due to a major duplication bug. They have no intentions on fixing this.
- Mods can fix this: You've got JEI and other stuff.
- Vanilla solution: crafting book > turn off "craftable items" > search item.
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