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Possible solution to some lag, and a Idea to Updating the server to 1.13 eventually.

Just a generalized statement as I am curious. If the server map (main world, neather, and end (places were towns are allowed)) was downloaded with all its data (were towns are located, what's in chest, what is protected by who etc) and then reloaded onto the server, couldn't that reduce a lot of lag from all the loaded chunks not being loaded anymore. The only issue I see with a reload of the map is spawned mobs (named wither, named mobs) which wouldn't be too hard to obtain back if the player had them in the first place. As well this could also be an opportunity to update chunks of the server, By being able to determine were towns already are, you can reload every chunk that doesn't have a town in it, back to the original map load (so old houses and such get reverted back to nothing) and as well as /clearprotections all chest in wild to delete them as a means to possibly allow an update to the server to role in to 1.13..... This can keep people who had towns and are in them to keep their towns, locations, etc. as well it will let chest in wild be able to be cleared out so people can do /claim protections and get their items, and then the map chunks without towns can be reloaded back to an original state (I would say about 5 chunks away from any town) so they could be reloaded with 1.13 chunks which would help bring in the new update, as well as help reduce the lag of having so many chunks loaded in at 1 time. This could possibly be done while the server is still active as you can make it on a private warp to the new world while you do above. Then make it the official world when its ready (and deleting the old one). If this is possible it might be a good way to update the server to 1.13 eventually, as well as possibly reduce a lot of lag for a few months after (until all the chunks start being loaded again)