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Hello everyone! My in game name is pmblue. I joined the server a few weeks ago after being referred to it by a friend.

I live in the United States and my time zone is UTC-5. I have never really played a towny server before, but I did spend some time on a SMP server a while back. Then, I found out that one of my favorite servers was back. Then, during November of 2017, I joined the staff team.

I had a fantastic time, and made some good friends. The server then died a few months ago, and while it had a comeback, it wasn’t getting much better. In the very beginning of this year, I resigned from my Senior Moderator position, partially because I was losing interest and partially because I was too busy.

That’s when I came here. Someone that is super cool and nice that was a retired staff member, told me about Azertu. I was instantly hooked. The community here is so great and alive, I love it. It is so unique and amazing of a server.

I like redstone but am pretty bad at building. I can also be lazy. I enjoy people, Netflix, and gaming. You may see me on at later times, because I am weird. I hope to see you on the server, and am excited to stay around for a while and meet you amazing people.

Feel free to ask questions.


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Happy to see you're enjoying the server PM! We've chatted a few times on the server and within the nation and I can say that you seem like a great person that is easy to get along with and talk to! Also, as for building, the main way I got better (I think I got better lol) is honestly just building things non-stop. One, it will improve your skills upon building. Two, in time it will hopefully allow you to see what style you prefer, me being that I like to work with stone and a little bit of wood! Lastly, these little projects give you some purpose to build. You can either keep the little projects, or even sell them off to people who want them.

Hope this helps and happy to see you playing and enjoying Azertu! :D


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Welcome to the server Blue! Can't wait to meet you on the server!!! (I live in CST we probably will)


Staff member
Welcome to the server, we have not spoken directly. However, I have seen you around I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I do. :)


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Hi pm! Im really glad you came to azertu and that you like it here and seem to be staying! :D