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Hey, it looks like i did not do this before so ill just do it now. Im Pizzavdr but known as: PizzaLord or as PizzaGod. I am a guy who has been playing on this server since it came out, can act verry random from time to time and i can be verry helpfull when i feel like it :D
Most of the time that im online will be spent farming, mining or derping around xD
as for who i am, im 20 years old my b-day is 26/12 and idk what else to say xD
hf while playing on this great server and if u need my help just ask xp


Grandmaster Contributor
Ew pizza....I like pizza. Heh, who am I kidding? Happy to see you're back and playing again! Always fun to have you around! :D


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Hi Pizza and welcome back!!
Im glad to see that the person who introduced me to Azertu and helped me out when i first joined is back. Ive missed you!