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Hi, so I'd like to report about my pickaxe not mending. I have an Abot Carver and It doesn't mend. I put it in my PV, but Jelli says that it doesn't work like that. I also have no mending armor on, just an elytra [Dragon Wings]. I have put it in my inventory and it still hasn't been mending.


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To confirm, when say, mining exp yielding ores such as lapis, redstone, or coal, you have no mending armour on (including Elytra) and the Abot Carver is the only tool in your hand (nothing in your off-hand since if a mending tool is there too, that could take some exp), and it does not mend. If that is correct, let me know and we'll go further into investigating the issue. If you have not tried this, please do and relay the results within a reply to this thread. Thank you.
So today, I tested it out. I unequipped my gear and only had the abot in my inventory. I mined all of the yielding ores, and surprisingly, the durability only gotten worse. And yes, the only items I have in my inventory was the Abot when I started mining. Is it not repairing because I put a soulbound scroll on it? So yes Snow, that is correct. It doesn't mend.
So what I found out was interesting. I have an elytra and was mining and when I looked at the durability, it was full. I don't know how, but it'll mend if i use it too much :D.
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