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Patch Notes - January 10, 2019


Staff member

  • Re-balanced Lumberjack by adjusting payments for both logs and leaves.
  • Tree-feller will have a longer cool-down duration.
  • Tree-feller will pay 100% and no longer has a penalty.
  • Fixed an issue with "/plot set reset" misbehaving.
  • Fixed an issue where Ore Seeds could be placed on the main end island (while people can't mine on the main island).
  • Fixed some issues with the "/chat" menu.
  • Buffed Builder payments for ALL blocks.
  • The Weekly Llama will now hand out random type Ore Seeds.
  • Fixed a few typo's in some of the chat messages.
  • Added more information to the "/faq or /help" menu.
  • Implemented a feature where some items will require you to sneak while dropping. (this is to prevent accidental item drops.)
  • Player skulls dropped from PvP will now have a lore on them stating who killed the victim.
  • Skill Gems have a new sound effect.
  • Repair Gems will now function like runestones and can be dragged and dropped on-top of an item to repair it.
  • Adding an enchanted book to your tool/armor through an anvil should no longer break the colored name(if it has one).
  • Implemented a Captcha to stop bots from harassing our chat. Every player will have to complete this ONCE. (BETA)
  • Store payments should no longer have a 5 minute wait and should process instantly. (BETA)
  • Opened Developer Applications.
  • Fixed some discord links not working properly.
  • Setup proper vote links for all 5 vote sites. (
  • Setup proper discord invite link. (

  • We have added a new role to our server.
  • @Minstrol Was Promoted to Developer!
  • @Bar Was Promoted to Developer!

Some changes will kick in after the next server restart.
Found any bugs? Let us know by reporting them on our website!
Now I can put Mending on all my relic items without breaking the name! 😁