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Patch Notes - February 13, 2019


Staff member

  • 3x3 Charcoal will now craft a Coal Block.
  • /speed, /jumpboost, /strength, /fireres and /nv will no longer have particles shown.
  • Ender Dragons will now drop the big Ender Dragon skull when killed.
  • Spawner Spinners, Mystery Eggs and Relic Crystal can now only be opened when there is at least 1 empty space in your inventory.
  • Added Stained Glass to Builder Job payouts.
  • Added Stained Glass to Artist Job payouts.
  • Fixed some permission messages.
  • Horse Armor can now be salvaged with mcmmo.
  • Chainmail Armor can now be salvaged with mcmmo.
  • Buckets can now be salvaged with mcmmo.
  • Chainmail can now be repaired with mcmmo.
  • mcmmo fishing will now drop ink sacks properly.
  • mcmmo fishing will now drop exp bottle properly.
  • Renamed some heads in the /hdb.
  • Added "Featured Heads" to the /hdb. These will update during events/seasons.
  • Fixed an issue where cumulative vote rewards gave wrong item.
  • "/condense all" will condense everything possible instead of just items that could be reverted.
  • Fixed death message and head drop when shot with bow
  • When a players purchase a rank on the store it will now ask for their discord tag and automatically apply the role.
  • Added 5 new server emoji's
  • Limited 2 voice channels to a maximum of 5 users (upon request)


Staff member
Very happy about the charcoal update. The Coal Market recently was experiencing a slight shortage but this should help mend things a bit along with helping Lumberjacks with a slight side-job of smelting logs.

Also very happy about stained glass/glass panes being added to the builder job since regular glass is, in addition to armour and bucket update with salvage.

Lastly, having no particle effects when having /(effect) will be extremely nice so you don't have to worry about those being in the way when doing regular things.

Thank you again SirK, the Developers, and the Staff Team for great work! :D


Known Member
Nice, the coal update is a nice little feature