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Patch Notes - December 8, 2018


Staff member

  • Added "IRC" chat to the server. This will be used by staff to help solve chat situations when on mobile.
  • Improved backend security.
  • Patched a dupe bug regarding chunk unloading.
  • Fixed an issues where regular residents could unclaim town land.
  • Made Manticore Relics slightly more rare and a bit harder to level up.
  • Added a new rule regarding macro usage. Read more about this rule at (under approved mods section)
  • EmilyElixir is no Longer staff.
  • Byran is no longer staff.
  • TrueBahamut is no longer staff.
  • Megan414 was promoted to Helper.


Grandmaster Contributor
Thank you for this! It's nice to have a change-log for the players to see any small changes.