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Partial Goodbyes / Donation Campaign

So, it has finally come to a time i have decided to take a break from the server.

I Will be partially active the next few weeks sorting out town stuff and finishing it off, but after that i most likely will go on an indefinete break. This post is not a goodbye post however, that will come later. For now, i just want to initiate a campaign.
Knowing me, i've spent basically a big portion of my time on the server building my town. I Don't want the builds to go to waste, so any donations to make sure the town survives would be greatly appreciated. This donations can be made trough me (Ill be on in the next few weeks, as i said, finishing and sorting things out) or trough PurpleSkiess, KiRiTOxGoD, or _Helloception_. The donations will be greatly appreciated, it will basically make sure my legacy on the server lives on. My goal for now is enough upkeep so the town can live for 2-3 years (aproximately 11-14 million, although the cost may go down in the following days trough unclaiming stuff.) I Will also grind whatever i have left to reach this, but this help will be of great appreciation.

Thank you to everyone who accompanied me trough this wonderful journey, but like i said, a formal goodbye will come in the next few weeks, appreciating everyone who helped me and the Azertu community itself.

We will all miss you dearly Valtek. I will the most since we've been together when you first joined the Server.