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i know that there are many ways to get ores currently, there is mining, ore seeds, buying from other players and even from crates.
however, i think there should be a few more ways to obtain ores/minerals in-game.

Ore Gen Chests:
- a chest that produces ores every set interval of time
COAL ORE GEN CHEST [level 1]: every 30 seconds, produces 1 coal
COAL ORE GEN CHEST [level 2]: every 30 seconds, produces 2 coal
COAL ORE GEN CHEST [level 3]: every 30 seconds, produces 3 coal

theere could be different levels of generator chests. you could even be able to upgrade your generator chest with in-game currency or even relic fragments or other special items.​


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Thank you for your suggestion. Im sorry but i dont see this ever being added
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