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Rejected New Towny perm options:

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So, I've been thinking for a while about the things and events you could make with your town, However, there are many limiting factors in terms of permissions. For instance: If you wanted to make a parkour event; players could sethome to wherever they wish, And if they fall, They can just re-appear right there. Or maybe you want to make a PVP Hunger games event, But players could constantly warp to spawn and back at will, or maybe /back upon death, however I've thought of a potential solution for this:

-Teleport Perm:
/t toggle TP (or /plot toggle TP) will make it so that players can not teleport into specific plots. For instance: Chorus fruit will not work, You can not TP to another player who is within the area, Commands such as /top won't work, You can not use /back to return to the area, You can not use town spawnpoints while this permission is toggled, If you leave the game within the boundaries of this area, You'll be teleported to spawn and ender pearls won't be usable. This permission would not prevent you from teleporting out of the area, but instead just prevent you from teleporting into the area. This could help to fix a number of things, For instance:

-Players who lose money due to teleportation exploits inside of casinos and other such games.
-Treasure hunts or other similar events won't have people attempting to warp through areas in order to progress.
-Player made minigames such as spleef will be possible, Since players will no longer have a way to "Revive" themselves.
-Private farms (and other services/resources) inside of public towns will be impossible to /top into, Or chorus warp into.
-Players won't be able to /back into a pvp arena, Preventing them from killing a player who they got to low health in a previous life

There's many more possibilities that these permissions could enable, And I think it'd be a great idea to look in to (idk how 'Do-able' this suggestion may be).

Not open for further replies.