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i was wondering if there is a posebility to make a recipe for soul sand by combining 2 netherack and 2 sand to make 1 soul sand
While its possible i don't see why they'd bother. Its pretty easy to get a ton of soulsand and if they made it craftable then the price would drop like a rock making it even harder for diggers to make money.


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you just need to travel out a bit, i think the real issue here is that we need a nether resource world.
In the past, the topic of a Resource Nether world has come up. However, there was never any movement on the front that it would be added. From what I could tell, there was not going to be one.
We need a Nether AND an End resource world. Or perhaps just an End reset? Sorry if this is a little off topic
there's no way that they would do an end reset with all the stuff people have setup there. the only plausible thing would be a resource world but having 6 worlds running at once may cause issues for the server.


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A) Seems useless because most of the nether is still untouched, but it'd be cool.
B) It has been mentioned here.
C) Create a new suggestion for the "End Resource World", only way to get proper attention. (Check for a duplicate though because I'm sure someone mentioned it with asking for a nether-reset)

EDIT: ("") ref list c