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so uh... I'm not good at thinking and have 0 clue about the limits/realisticness of certain items, so feel free to share your thoughts n stuff below , as well as suggest your own ideas for new scrolls? if you want that is.. ._.

Scroll of Cleansing:
Purges tool/Armour/weapon of all runestones, or maybe just one at random, /shrug
Could either be crafted with soulbound scrolls and cleansing dust, with a few relic frags maybe? or from crates? idk

Scroll of Trolls:
Affects nearby players in a 20 block radius or something? Nothing for serious use, maybe just plays the same sound affect that appears for donations, or a ghast scream, could add an elder guardian ghost thing too?
Could be crafted with soulbound scroll, troll faces (from vote parties), relic fragments? or just obtainable from crates idk

Scrolls of (probably needs new names):
Could give players a potion affect, depending on type of scroll. 'But we have potions' - the scroll would have a chance of giving longer duration or more powerful effects (for most varieties anyway, resistance 3 scroll nty :p). Also beats potions through being stackable i guess /shrug
Crates? Crafting? idk

Scroll of the Guardian Angel:
2 uses:
-teleports player to spawn/to spawn point/bed when health reaches 1/2, 1 time use ofc (when right clicked with hand, would only last so long too, I think...)
-applies effect/lore (e.g 'protected') on tool that would either fully repair tool when durability reaches 0, 'protected' effect is removed upon repair

Feel free to review/bounce ideas around & make sure to call me a noob or something too idk :p
Oh, and have a nice day, and thank you for reading this :D


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As for the Scroll of Cleansing, the removal of one enchantment at a time would be considered OP. In addition, Blacksmith has the /disenchant ability.

I feel like the scrolls for a chance of longer effects would be a bit OP mainly due to the stacking ability. That means you could have a stack on you in PvP, and just spam it until you get like 8 minutes of strength, etc.

The Scroll of the Guardian Angel seems intersting, but would probably need tweaking a bit. If someone has this on them, then PvP in wilderness is rendered extremely difficult since well, if you start to fight someone then woop, their gone. Also, I think it would kill the market for items with higher unbreaking since it wouldn't matter really with this item.

However, that is just my opinion on a few tings! I'm up for talking on certain items since it'd be neat to get some added custom items to add some more spice :D