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New Player Guide

Hello! If you're reading this, then you must be new to the server! Or I guess also just reading it. Nonetheless, this thread will cover topics most important to newer players to the server. This includes what to do when you join, some common commands you will use, what are these special items called relics, and more! I've covered a few topics on previous threads, but I figured I would make a proper place for all of this information. To see each section, click the respective Spoiler! Please make sure to make yourself familiar with the rules by clicking here.


What is Azertu?

Azertu is a Towny+Jobs server. The intent is to grind your jobs and earn money whilst doing so. The higher your job level, the more Job XP and money you receive from doing your job. The money you get from each item will increase by 4% each level you increase your job. There are jobs perks at specific level milestones: 25, 50, and 75. At level 75, you reached the money cap, however, you are still able to continue grinding past 75 for bragging rights if you would like. The server also has McMMO. Some values are custom on the server though. Click here to see what values are custom and click here to go to the McMMO Wiki.

Where to Build and Mine?

In Azertu, there are two overworlds: The Main World and the Resource World. The Main World is where you build your house, your towns, and store anything you would like. The Resource World is a place where to mine, and thus, collect resources. Do not mine in the Main World unless it is apart of your build (i.e. Making a giant hole to put your build in). Also, do not store things in the Resource World as this world is reset every three to four months. You can use the command /rtp to randomly teleport in the Main World or Resource world, depending on which one you are in. You always go back to either world by doing /spawn for the main world or /resource for the resource world.

What's the Market Like?

To answer one of the most popular questions asked by newer players, diamonds aren't that rare. However, they are still beneficial in some cases. Ores (Diamond, Gold, and Iron) are preferred by most people for jobs. Azertu is mainly a player-based market, meaning you have to buy and sell things to other players. The only part the server contributes to the economy is with job leveling and with Towny Ranks, in-game ranks you are able to obtain to earn special perks and permissions. To sell things, you can visit a few places. One could be the auction house or /ah, where you can sell your items by holding in your hand and by doing /auc sell (price) (amount) . Another place to sell items is in the Marketplace where you can tp to by doing /market . The Marketplace is a giant area where players can rent out shops for $750 a day and sell their items in this shop area. Another place to sell your items is at town shops. You can go to towns by doing /t spawn (town name) . This will take you to the spawnpoint of the town. There are some town shops so when you go to this town, you spawn in a giant shop area to buy and sell your wares!

Is there PvP?

Yes, but limited. In this sense, PvP is enabled in the Wilderness (Main World), the End, the Nether, and within towns that may have it enabled. Other places to not have PvP would be Spawn, the Resource World, towns with PvP disabled, and Outposts with PvP disabled.

What are towns?

Towns or Townys are player-ran places where your things are safe. Only within town claims are your builds legally safe, as grief outside town boundaries is permitted. Your chests, however, are automatically locked whether in a town or not. You can join a town (/t list to see open towns) and can buy an open plot that is for sale. Make sure to follow the town rules that are laid out for the town you are in, or you may risk being removed from the town. If you are inactive for over seven days, you are allowed to be removed from the town by the Mayor.

Also, note that you can make your own town at the Towny Rank, Lodger, which costs $9,500 from Peasant Rank to get to. Making a town costs an additional $2,500 which you can do by doing /t new (town name) . In addition to making your town, you need to keep it up. Everyday at 12:00 PM EST, taxes are due, meaning your town will spend how much your upkeep is (i.e. Upkeep is $1000, so every day at 12:00 PM EST, $1000 is taken out of the town bank). Taxes are only taken out of the town bank, not your balance, so to put money in the bank, do /t deposit (amount) . Additionally, if you are not the Mayor to Co-Mayor, you will not have permission to take funds out of the bank, so deposit money if you have to. In towns, there are also taxes. Players pay this tax at the same time upkeep is taken. This tax is a numerical value rather than percentage, so if the tax is $25, then each player in the town (Excluding town administrators) pays the $25 tax daily. For more Towny commands, go here!

What are Runestones?

Runestones are custom enchants that can be used on tools and armour. To see what a specific runestone does, do /rs info (Runestone name) . You can find a list of the runestones and descriptions here. However, there is a success rate and destroy rate. Success is of course, the chance to successfully attach the rune to the tool/armour. Destroy is the chance that the rune does not work and destroys your tool/armour. You are able to increase the success chance and decrease the destroy chance by using blessing dust and cleansing dust, respectively. There are five variations of each dust, marking from 1% to 5%. You can get dust by turning in your unwanted runestones to the /tinker villager at /spawn and thus will receive mystery dust in return. Right-Clicking this dust will reveal its purpose and potency (Kind and %).

What are Relics?

Another thing in this server is Relics. Relics are special items that (mostly) have beyond vanilla enchants, like unbreaking 8, fortune 5, sharpness 9, and more! You can find a player-made guide to relics here. Many of these relic items can sell for quite a bit if you choose to sell. I would try to get an appraisal from multiple players before selling to make sure you're getting a good deal!

You can craft items called Relic Crystals, which when used, will give you a random relic item. To craft one, you put a Relic Core in the middle and Relic Fragments all around it. To obtain a core, you can get them out of vote crates by /voting, crates in the store, or by buying them off players. You can get fragments the same way. Fragments have another use as well but making a Spawner Spinner, an item that will give you a random spawner! You are able to see the custom crafting recipes by doing /recipes .

Miscellaneous Information

For some things that didn’t quite have enough for its own area, this is the place. You can find a guide to what items are deleted from clearlag by going here. There is also a Discord (Click here for the invite) for the server, where you can join and talk to other players on the server!


If there has been anything I missed you think could be added, let me know! Just shoot me a message in-game or on Discord and I’ll most likely add it in! If you have any questions, feel free to ask players or the staff! We would be happy to assist you!

This guide will be updated at various times to add more information or update information with any server changes. Please be patient with any changes.
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Thank you, this is cool. I'm new and I feel like my brain is about to explode with all the stuff I have to learn and remember.