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Looking Into need a recipe for ink

the server has many item shortages, but none stand out more (to me at least) than the dire lack of ink. I suggest adding a crafting recipe to make it using coal and water. the most commonly used color should not be the most expensive.


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Or OR, Ability to Milk Squids, Everyone knows the lingo for "ink" is Squid Milk, or also Ocean sauce, either works
You are right, we need more, and milking squids is the answer.
Yeah and the anti autofish plugin makes it rather difficult tor try and shake ink off them so having an alternative would definitely be a huge plus
I actually agree a lot with this, and I like the crafting recipe. 1 coal and 1 water bucket should make ink, and it would make it WAY easier to get.


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Since Azertu sort-of strives to be close to vanilla while providing in-game mechanics that put the sprinkles on top and the fact ink is simply hard to come by, I think that it should still maintain some difficulty in obtaining over something so simple as coal & water.. Though, I do like the idea of squid spawners.


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Ink is super easy to come by. Grind Guardians or kill squids.
the guardian drop rate is extremely low and squid spawns tend to be fairly far apart. when you need several dubs of black dye for a project its like a week long project to get enough even with looting 5. every other dye is fairly reasonable to grind except ink.