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Architect: MusuFox.
Assistance from the town members of Allanon, Freya and Virus.
Special thanks to the town mayor and co-mayor of Allanon, Rhia and Black for hosting my build giving access to land for the castle.

With out further adieu, I present to you castle Pohaku Mauna.

Location: Situated on the Northern coast of the town Allanon. (2280/64/-4895)

This map represents all of the structures that make up the castle.
Screenshots: 2019-03-09_17.06.46.png 2019-03-09_17.08.02.png 2019-03-09_17.11.22.png 2019-03-09_17.08.43.png 2019-03-09_17.09.23.png 2019-03-09_17.10.34.png 2019-03-09_17.06.06.png
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Amazing! Congratulations! I knew you would win! 😁
bro you built your castle right next to my house, now where are my 9 kids gonna play? I got no backyard now.
like, bruh