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Kind of self-explanatory a plugin where you can marry people, everyone has seen it before. I just thought it would be fun to have
This is more than likely a huge troll but I'll still respond: No, that would ruin the whole towny experience.
To respond to everyone in my opinion marriage would just me a memey feature that I thought could be fun I know it's been denied a bunch of times


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If it has been mentioned before and Killian has stated it will not be added, have it at that, and the plug-in will not be added. A plug-in, nonetheless, will not be added for "memey" reasons, as that is a waste of server performance.


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Hello! Like a couple people have mentioned above, Sirk has addressed this suggestion once before and has turned it down. Yes, it could be fun. But with it would come drama and immaturity. The marriage plugin will not be added to the server. Thank you for the suggestion though:)
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