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Looking Into Manticore Fishing Rod


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I mean come one there's a damn manticore hoe so why not this?
of course for enchants have something like this:
1. Luck of the sea 2, lure 2, unbreaking 2
2. Luck of the sea 4, lure 4, unbreaking 5
3. Luck of the sea 6, lure 7, unbreaking 7, mending
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Lure 7 would ruin the fishing rod. Source:

The highest lure goes on a fishing rod relic on the server is 5 because it seems SirKillian and other staff/developers did their research. Any higher than 5 would break the rod.

As a high-level fisher, I admire your enthusiasm, but the research on the enchants is a bit lacking seeing as the Luck of the Sea enchant is disabled on the server, too. And all Manticores reach Unbreaking 10. However, on a fishing rod? That's highly unnecessary unless you are using the mcmmo fishing 'shaker' ability frequently.

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is unlikely it is going to happen.


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the amounts were more of a throwaway amount, i assumed that they would balance it if they decided to implement it. when i mentioned it in discussion people seemed confused about how it would work for a fishing rod so i came up with a rough idea, not necessarily the most balanced or ideal values.
Throwaway values or not, there's no foresight because the benefits are next to none. The best fishing rod on the server is the Glyphs Fishing Rod relic, which has Unbreaking 6, Luck 2, and Lure 5 by default.

As I mentioned in my last comment, Luck of the Sea is disabled on this server, which means it's useless. Lure can't go past 5, which is, really, only, the best feature on any fishing rod. And unbreaking by default is 3, which needn't go higher if you're only using the rod to fish, since mending fixes it back to full all the time, even if you have a full set of armor all with mending equipped.

The only difference a Manticore Fishing Rod would have to the best fishing rod on this server is Unbreaking 10, and that is an extremely trivial difference, since I personally hardly ever use the mcmmo Shaker ability, which is all it would be useful for.
Why is Luck of the Sea disabled on this server? Not complaining, just curious why.
I think it's because of the fishing mcmmo skill, I guess it's sort of op enough.


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luck of the sea only works on vanilla stuff (or at least it used to) but i remember reading somewhere that they specifically disabled the vanilla fishing drops on this server


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Mcmmo cancels out the luck of the sea partially. This is not disabled on purpose, its part of the mcmmo fishing skill.