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Approved Manticore bow changes

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Think the manticore bow should be brought more in line with the manticore sword(Dagger) and axe(Dualblade).
Right now the bow has:
Since one can add vanilla enchantments afterwards, i would suggest taking off the punch II and Flame.
Then if people get the choice of wanting them or not.
As it is, it would be the similar if the sword or axe had knockback II and fire aspect I.
Looting could be added with 1,3,5 for the different levels, which would then be the same as the two other.
All this would give it the following:
Manticore Longbow
■ : Unbreaking 4, Power 3, Looting 1.
■ ■ : Unbreaking 7, Power 6, Looting 3 Mending.
■ ■ ■ : Unbreaking 10, Power 9, Looting 5, Mending.

One finally could be added at lvl 3; Infinity. The combination of power 9, mending and infinity is what makes the opulent bow so amazing. This bow is atm much better than the manticore for this very reason.

If both mending and infinity is to much for the manticore, another option would be to replace mending at lvl 2,3 with infinity to make the unbreaking 10 more meaningful.

Ps. Do take note that I own the Manticore bow and I therefore could be biased in my views.
i agree that the flame and punch you can just add later so its not great as a lvl up reward
I thought it had looting, its a big part of why the manticore weapons are worth investing in since they can net you more stuff. Also why not infinity? carrying 30 stacks of arrows is annoying.
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We will be adding infinity to it. This seems to be a slight oversight on our end.

We will not remove the flame and punch, nor will we add looting.
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