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Rejected Lumberjack balancing

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lumberjack's balance has recently been fixed, but i believe it could be done better. I believe the pay buff/ tree feller nerf encourages afk for 8 minutes (just under the 10 needed to be kicked), use tree feller, rince and repeat
as i've said, i'd like to have the Logs from lumberjack to be usefull. unlike most jobs, lumberjack only makes money (cook makes food, miner makes ores, nobody Hellworker makes quartz) But lumberjack, makes wood and dumps it. Even cook, with their stupid amount of potates, can at least give it away or sell it really cheap, but no one buys wood anymore.
i Believe we should put those logs to an use, and fix Lumberjack in the same go: Make Charcoal making pay, or make it so we can craft it into coal, so it can be sold, get the nerfed pay back, but the buffed tree feller as well


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The nerf was made because it was possible to earn around 500k an hour. The aim is to be able to grind 250k per hour from a job. The original nerf cause amount earned per hour to drop to around 100k, but with this additional buff, it is around 230k now per hour. The nerf doesn't encourage afk, or else we wouldn't have cook/blacksmith, as both you smelt things (Both involve crafting for the use of what they buy, if they do). Your comparison between cook and lumberjack is not 100% correct because from what I have seen, cooked potatoes are either sold extremely cheap or are given away due to the sheer amount of them. It is the same with logs. Many people don't pick them up since there is no market really. Some people sell them (S, Z, C and my shop) since why not, but they are super cheap. I sell my logs cheap and some people buy them despite them being cheap, but I have only re-filled them once.

As for pay, the pay in my opinion is fine. It seems to have reached the potential the administration aims it to be at just like all other jobs.

I hope my perspective helps in any way :D


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I have a similar outlook as Snow. I am all for the coal crafting, but now that the pay has risen it is not a necessity. Cooks have to wait 11 minutes to refill potatoes so it seems similar. In that time you can continue building, go mine, etc. What makes it better than cook in this instance is that you can be anywhere while it cools down and go back to break another tree after 8 minutes or so while Cooks have to load their furnaces to wait for the cool down. I think this was a great change and I am looking forward to setting it as my next job.


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As volk and snow said. its similar to other jobs and i dont belive that a change will be done now that its more balanced
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