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Solved Listing mods (mostly cosmetic) that I'd like approved/not approved

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I'm going to post a list of mods and descriptions and I'm hoping I can get feedback on which mods are allowed and which ones aren't, I'm hoping there isn't a problem with any of them since they shouldn't give me an unfair advantage other than possibly the macros mod, they are mostly cosmetic, or HUD/GUI mods. If there's a certain feature of a mod that can't be used but the rest are okay, maybe I can just not use that particular feature as well, let me know if this is the case.

Keep in mind there are core-mods and library mods that are used to load the mods, I can list those if needed but for the most part it's stuff like Forge, Liteloader, CodeChickenLibrary, FTBLibrary, etc and they shouldn't be a problem. I can also post what mods require what core-mods/libraries/utilities to be loaded if needed. I've also listed the mods I intend to run that are already listed as approved in the rules.

Improves the UI of advancements in minecraft.

Adds options to increase FPS in the options menu.

Adds new features to the HUD which can be toggled on/off. Features include compass, health bar, armor health, biome, fps, cps(clicks per second), click burst count, block distance, coordinates, armor bar, food bar, saturation, server clock, world clock, server ip, item id, xp bar, air bar, hotbar, light level, ping, rain indicator, inventory full indicator, bleed indicator, horse info, sign info.


Used to create custom crafting recipes, won't work in a server unless the server has it installed.

Allows you to add new background screens in minecraft, similar to a resource pack.

Allows you to change the vanilla main menu in about any way you want. Doesn't impact server.

Sets default configuration keys.

Changes the default world creation to a specified one. Won't impact server.

Client side mod that makes a ding noise (similar to an exp orb) when the launcher reaches the main menu screen or when you join a server.

This mod works with the chat client Discord to show more detailed information when playing Minecraft such as showing what dimension you're in, modpack, and the time since you started playing.

Server side mod, fixes the /help command and sorts the commands in an order that doesn't break the /help command. Will not impact the server.

Approved in rules.

Just Enough Items mod, adds a search bar for minecraft items and crafting recipes, features such as creative mode, trash, weather clear, etc are disabled on servers that don't have the mod enabled. Being an old player that hasn't played in a few years, really helps with the new items and their crafting recipes.

Mini-maps allowed in rules, no cave finders allowed.

Macro/Keybind Mod
Allows for easy creation of macros and keybinds.

Adds a multi-part API. Won't impact the server.

Allows you to create a playlist of songs inside minecraft.

Shows what mod an item came from on the tool-tip. Only has significant impact if the server has mods that add items into the game installed, everything on this server will just show "Minecraft" on the tool-tip. I use it mostly for single-player when I have other mods installed.

Client side mod that allows me to add things such as a check that notifies me if I haven't assigned enough ram to run the game smoothly.

This mod won't do anything, I use it for single-player worlds to adjust crafting recipes/add recipes/remove recipes in combination with the MineTweaker mod. Listing it because I don't always remove it when I switch to multiplayer servers.

Approved in rules.

Note Block Display
Adds a GUI that makes it easier to choose what notes to play in noteblocks instead of cycling through them.

Extends the Item ID Limit, best used with Just Enough Items mod.

Approved in rules.

Adds information about modpack to crashlog. Client side.

Used in mod making and modpack making. Creates pack modes, that tell a script to run if the right pack mode is enabled. Doesn't do anything in a server.

Client side mod, creates resources folder that makes it easier to draw resources (textures) for mods/resource packs. Right now I believe I'm only using it to add resources for the Custom Main Menu and Custom Background mod. Might use it for other resource pack related modifications in the future.

Resource Packs
Approved in rules, no X-RAY packs.

Approved in rules, printer mode disabled.

Approved in rules.

Spawn Detector
Adds red and yellow "X" to indicate whether mobs will/won't spawn.

TabbyChat 2 Mod-1.12.2
This is a client side mod that allows you to create tabs in chat, as well as drag click positioning of the chat around your screen. You can set filters and create sounds when certain tags are used in chat, for example, I can tell the mod to make a ding if my username is said in chat, or if I receive a PM so that when I'm mining I can tell when someone is trying to grab my attention. It also allows me to separate join and leave messages from the general chat so that I don't receive as much spam.

This is a purely cosmetic mod that adds tails, ears, muzzles, and wings that you can wear on your character (3D) Other players can't see them unless the server is running the mod and they have the mod installed. This is a client side mod.

This mod is server side, I use it for single-player worlds and the mod won't do anything on the server, but since it'll be installed I'll list it anyways. It's a mod that checks for unused chunks/dimensions every 30 seconds and tells forge to unload them.

This is a client side mod that "wraps up" initialization stages of mods. (impacts only the startup of launcher)

That's all I have for right now, might be worth pinning/adding to the current list of approved mods if these get approved. If you need more information/links let me know.


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All of these mods are fine to use. It is not likely however we will be adding this to our current list. The reason being is that our list is just meant to be a short and simple overview of what types of mods are allowed, and we ask in the rules that if a player has a question about a mod not listed to ask about it. In your case, all of these mods are fine to have while you play on our server, thank you for asking about them to insure you arent breaking rules!
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