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Keeping chunks with active furnace loaded

One of the thing that annoys me the most as a cook is that you need to stay close to your furnace for them to work, which means you can't do anything else that can't be done in the area especially since we all live far away from each others, we can rarely have someone else on the chunk keeping it loaded. I know there's a plugin that keeps furnaces and plants going without loading the whole chunk they're in, but all I've been able to find is the one for plants (
I think adding this feature makes sense as it will not change the economy or anything, this is mostly something convenient that allows you to be free to walk around the map instead of being locked up in the same area


Grandmaster Contributor
There are a few reasons that you have to be near the chunks.

First, it's apart of Minecraft. In order for your chunks to be loaded, a player must be nearby. You can use this to your advantage if you have your own town by perhaps opening a town shop which is near your furnaces so when people go to your town, your furnaces are loaded.

Second, is the server performance. To have the chunks always loaded whether a player is in there or not is not worth the server performance decrease.

Third, is the job challenge. This can go hand-and-hand with the second reason. To be able to get paid for mining, you must mine the blocks in front of you, thus close to you. For farming, you farm the crops in front of you. Cooking should not be an exception to this rule. Using the method in reason 1, you are able to do go do other things as your food cooks. However, if you don't, then you are expected to be nearby to do the job. In addition, it is more beneficial to be near your furnaces since in the time you have potatoes, mutton, or whatever else you have cooking, you can craft bread or golden apples to earn maximum potential at your level and is one of the better ways to be efficient in the cook job. The same could be said for the Blacksmith occupation where you smelt ores and then craft items in the meantime to earn more.

Just to add, to your point that "you can't do anything else that can't be done in the area", that would be the same thing for all of the jobs, where you can't do the job unless you are near it actually doing it.

Hope this helps explain a bit more in-depth about the cook job! Making this job able to be done without being near it would cause it to be extremely easy and no challenge.