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-herdsman lvl 50 allows us to egg (tmk) every docile mob, I think that might be a good addition to Hunter if at lvl 50 we could egg hostile mobs, with the exception of the ender dragon and wither.

-would witches, husks, etc. be a bad add to the pool of spawners that we can get from spawner spinners? Maybe from harder to get spinners?

-add crafting color glass and crafting concrete to artist

-revamp the perks for hellworker, job seems extremely bland. Maybe at lvl 75 we could be 10-25% more likely to receive mob heads as drops?, Maybe even add this to Hunter instead?
I highly agree on the added Artist jobs. I haven't seen much glass for sale, however, so maybe adding colored glass to the mix will add that market for Diggers to sell sand also. :)


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Isnt mob heads already easy to get? or are you thinking of wither skulls?


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I think that we should also talk about the whole skull dropping system that we have. There is no reason for heads except for decoration!

Also I think that these are great new perks!